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A Grown-up Job

This week, I got an email from my favorite group of online Mormon gals, at .  Their mission is to fulfill a tenent of the Latter Day Saints church teachings to have a year’s supply of food and supplies … Continue reading

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Fighting for Truth

I am a weird person.  I swear to you, no one hates conflict more than I do.  At the same time, I have the misfortune of inspiring many people to unload the supressed vitriol of their lives onto my doorstep.  Seriously, meek … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirits

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had very strong opinions.  I picked them up from talk radio my mom had on every afternoon (yes, I am a “Rush Baby,” and so are my kids), and overheard conversations by … Continue reading

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Today Cal is sitting in her first day of first grade.  She did so well, but thought she wouldn’t be able to go after feeling sick this morning.  Apparently it was just the excitement of it all, as 40 minutes … Continue reading

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