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Another, please

Some days it’s hard to be a mom. And then there’s Halloween.  The day you can say yes.  All the time.  And not screw them up. One lumberjack. One superwoman.  One knight.  One hamburger (well, for a few minutes).  One … Continue reading

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Not Playing The Game

One of the things I wrote on the sign on our front door keeps buzzing in my ear, because I think it needs further explanation.  It reads “Young girls’ hearts are being grown here.  Please don’t refer to diets or … Continue reading

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Roll Out the Welcome Mat

I don’t know about you, but when people come over, I feel obligated to comment on the state of the house. I feel like if I acknowledge the disarray before they do, I am somehow better than if my house … Continue reading

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Baby-Led Weaning

For many folks, weaning means ending breastfeeding. But here in the BLD house, it means adding big kid food to an exclusive nursing diet. Some time around six months, the BLD babies start grabbing food off our plates and mouthing everything in … Continue reading

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Support Group

Have you ever noticed that, until you need one, support groups look like places for whiners to dig themselves deeper into despair and wallow further into the misery du jour? Keeping the “me vs. them” mentality just makes it so … Continue reading

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Fake Fun

Today I did something dumb.  It’s garage sale Thursday, but it’s also the middle of October and it was raining.  There are no garage sales, and we couldn’t go somewhere, but I didn’t want a normal day at home.  Thursday should … Continue reading

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So, I Write.

Last week a friend, my son’s godfather, actually, asked me what is it about my psudonymous blog that appeals to me.  I think it was his first visit to BLD, and he’s now following it, so I thought I’d respond … Continue reading

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Simply Sunday

This is hopefully the first of many posts with the theme “Simply Sunday.”  Ideally, it’ll be short on words and long on pictures.  Just a few snaps from the previous week, or a little bit of insight to see, smile, … Continue reading

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Ok, remember when I used to play songs on the blog? If I still did, I would play Shane and Shane’s “Beauty for Ashes” right now. It’s been running through my head all day, along with this post. This is … Continue reading

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During three of my four pregnancies, I suffered from debilitating gallbladder attacks.  It’s the worst pain I have ever experienced, and what’s more, it’s scary pain.  So, after eight or more attacks when I was pregnant with Hoss, including three … Continue reading

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