You are visiting the home of the Big Little Days blog. I am Jaime, mother to five children 8 and under, and wife to the world’s most devoted (if not slightly nutty) husband. Homeschooling mom, terrible housekeeper, excellent cook, aspiring speechwriter.  We just brought home our newest daughter from Eastern Europe in Summer, 2013, sporting blonde curly hair and designer genes.

Here’s the guide to the main characters in my world (names changed to protect their ability to deny their batty relation):

Jaime: me

Andy: hubby

Cal: 8-year-old daughter

JR: 7-year-old son

Lumpy: 5-year-old daughter

Hoss: 3-year-old son

Daisy: 2-year-old daughter, home in 2013 from Eastern Europe

Mac (Thadius on Reece’s Rainbow): Son of our heart, stuck in Russia, extra loved, has Down syndrome

Banana: our last giant dog

Monkey: 3-year-old Brittney-Pit Bull mix pound puppy

Skywalker: world’s grumpiest kitty, age 10+

Amma: my mom

Auntie Jay: my aunt

Grandmombo: my mother-in-law

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  1. Katherine says:

    YOU’RE ADOPTING LIBBY!!!!! She is my daughters doppelganger. I posted her picture on my daughters website trying to find her a family! Both born in the same month. It looks like we are also in the same state!!!! I would love to chat more if you would contact me!!