Adoption Story

My husband and I initially only considered a domestic adoption of a child with Down syndrome.  But, God opened our eyes to a little boy in Eastern Europe, known as Mac (Thadius on the adoption ministry website Reece’s Rainbow).  7 months into our adoption, Russia closed its doors to all families in the United States to adopt.  Our son’s region further confirmed this by closing down every adoption outside of the region 7 weeks later in February, 2013.

On March 3, 2013, though we still consider ourselves to be in-process for Mac, we committed to bring little Libby (now Daisy) home from another part of Eastern Europe.  Read the story of our adoption through the blog posts below.

The post where we announced pursuing adoption: The 10%

The post where we explain why were aren’t waiting until the kids are older: Why now?

The post where we announce we’re adopting internationally: To Call You Mine

The post where we announce Mac (Thadius): Poured out and Precious

The post where we explain why it’s not evil or irresponsible to fundraise to adopt: Fundraising and Freaking Out

The post Cal, our 6-year-old, wrote about being brave for her future brother: This is for Thadius

The post that reminds everyone (again): We are Not Buying a Child

The Adoption Ban is sticking: Adoption Ban

Resigned to waiting, and making plans: The Wisdom to Know the Difference

Announcing Libby!: Love You for You

Forever ours: Welcome home!

A video montage designed to make you smile, laugh, and take you through our incredible time in-country: Welcome Home, Daisy!

Thank you for being a part of our journey.


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