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Cheer for Yourself

This has been a week of highs and lows.  We have thrown out every rule in the R adoption book, and sent an appeal to our region’s Ministry of Education.  They are the ones who handle all the adoption proceedings … Continue reading

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Hoss, Your Name is Mudd.

I am watching my dear friend’s children today while she holds a garage sale, then (wonderful woman) goes to get her paperwork to become a notary public for us.  Yes, that’s 6 kids here, but don’t worry, they’re all eating … Continue reading

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Preschool Graduate!

Eight months ago I dropped my big little 4-year old off for his first day of preschool. Today I dropped off my big little 5-year old for his last day. Congratulations to JR, my big boy who was nervous about … Continue reading

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Baby-Led Weaning

For many folks, weaning means ending breastfeeding. But here in the BLD house, it means adding big kid food to an exclusive nursing diet. Some time around six months, the BLD babies start grabbing food off our plates and mouthing everything in … Continue reading

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Smiling Hoss

  It’s a boy!  I am proud to announce the arrival of our sweet little Hoss.  He was my biggest baby yet, and the fastest birth, too, but also the most mellow, least demanding member of our family so far.  … Continue reading

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