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Worshiping at the altar of the Car Seat

My friends, it comes as no surprise that I would eventually write a post that would make you cringe.  Because I know how many of you are excellent mothers, concerned with your children’s safety and well-being.  And yet, I probably … Continue reading

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Snowflake, The Jig Is Up.

Happy Christmas, Hannukah and Holiday Shopping!  Please use our Big Little Days Amazon link for your shopping and we’ll receive a portion of the proceeds for our adoption.  Click here first!  Thanks! If ever there was a strange thing worthy … Continue reading

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At the end of the day

**We’re having a flash giveaway of an Ergo brand baby carrier: Click here to read how!  Ends Monday 10/8/12!** So done.  I am almost ready to read a parenting book.  I have nothing left.  My children are behaving like they … Continue reading

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The Perfect Day

I always seem to know when I’m having a bad day.  Because it deviates from my perfect day.  So what is my perfect day?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve never written it down before, but I do know that other … Continue reading

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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Forget onesies, blankets, boppies, and moby wraps. What motherhood requires is an excellent plunger. ***** The giveaway continues!  If you are in the market for anything else Amazon offers, please use our link on the sidebar menu (under this post … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Snacktime

Our ‘special needs adoption’ fundraising giveaway continues! Click here to donate to Thadius and be entered to win up to $500 as an Amazon gift card or for the Reece’s Rainbow child of your choice! When you put 3,000 miles on … Continue reading

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Shut Your Mouth

Why are people so obsessed with criticizing a big family?  Want to know a little secret?  Not every family of two is that way by choice.  They might be on our side.  And yes, I do mean side. There is an … Continue reading

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Messy Woman’s Guide to a Clean House

Enjoying my new header? Finding parts hard to read? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below, as it’s a work in progress. It’s no secret that I hate cleaning. Every part, from the tidying to the scrubbing, … Continue reading

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Smell the Rhodies

Today the kids and I went to the local, stunning, reasonably priced exhibition garden. Through some big money grants in the 50′s, the city now boasts a gardener’s paradise using native species and highlighting strange 50′s-era post-modern architecture.  It’s weird, … Continue reading

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Money to Burn

This weekend we had a garage sale. No, I don’t have a cute little picture to show you because we were scrambling to get it ready until the very first customer showed up at 8AM (no early sales…except those people … Continue reading

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