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He sees the little things

I have been very, very tired for the past few weeks.  Fatigued, really, would be the right word.  That deep bone weariness that makes it a challenge to just do anything except to sit on the couch.  It’s not the … Continue reading

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Am I a Saint?

When someone calls me a saint for adopting a child with (mild) special needs from across the world, I always deflect.  I say that we have a child who has attached to us so well, has minimal medical needs, and … Continue reading

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Houses just like this

This post was originally published March 10, 2010.  Play this song if you want it to be like the olden days (opens in new tab):  Doug Stone’s Little Houses *** So, it’s here. This is the last day of who … Continue reading

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Hiding Her Heart

Where have we been for the past two months?  Well, the short answer is “Ukraine” and “locked away in our house.”  We have been through all kinds of emotional ups and downs, but the easiest part has been our wonderful … Continue reading

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Proud, Not Ashamed

Somehow, just a week away from travelling to an Eastern European country to meet our daughter for the first time, and complete her country’s requirements for international adoption, a few people are encouraging me to feel ashamed, to question my … Continue reading

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Worshiping at the altar of the Car Seat

My friends, it comes as no surprise that I would eventually write a post that would make you cringe.  Because I know how many of you are excellent mothers, concerned with your children’s safety and well-being.  And yet, I probably … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t trade the heartache

Today we received word that our paperwork for Libby was submitted.  What a very, very big day for our adoption. Not hours later, we also learned our worst fears were confirmed: that all efforts for the US Department of State … Continue reading

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When I was in 7th grade, I was eligible to join the gymnastics team.  I have been blessed with incredible flexibility from a young age, and loved to watch Kim Zmeskal kick butt in the Olympics.  I think it was … Continue reading

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Where do we go?

Rereading the statement from the governor of Pskov yesterday has been very sobering this morning.  Yesterday I was sad.  And today I’m wondering what life will look like without an end to the constant longing for our son.  To love … Continue reading

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I am a liar.

**Our little boy in Russ*a has long been a part of our hearts and we stopped calling him Thadius months ago. We think it’s time to share his big boy Big Little Days nickname. From now on, our little Thadius … Continue reading

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