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Cheer for Yourself

This has been a week of highs and lows.  We have thrown out every rule in the R adoption book, and sent an appeal to our region’s Ministry of Education.  They are the ones who handle all the adoption proceedings … Continue reading

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Snowflake, The Jig Is Up.

Happy Christmas, Hannukah and Holiday Shopping!  Please use our Big Little Days Amazon link for your shopping and we’ll receive a portion of the proceeds for our adoption.  Click here first!  Thanks! If ever there was a strange thing worthy … Continue reading

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The Perfect Day

I always seem to know when I’m having a bad day.  Because it deviates from my perfect day.  So what is my perfect day?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve never written it down before, but I do know that other … Continue reading

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Heavy Work

**Our Auction to Bring Thadius home is now live!  Please check out our 50+ items, including an incredible hand-blown glass vase, Hoover vacuum, Ergo baby carrier, Gently used Halloween costume swap, Russian Language program, Silpada gift card, jewelry, and much … Continue reading

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Making the Coconut Tree

I have benefited endlessly from other bloggers’ how-tos with detailed picture outlines.  I have to admit, I know it’s a monkey-load more work than I originally thought.  But, it’s worth it, to share with you a fun, straightforward way to … Continue reading

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A told B and B told C

The first time I heard the sing-songy alphabet rhyme, I was in third grade, during library time.  Our librarian had the voice of Julia Child, and I remember wishing the story would go on and on.  I don’t remember her … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Snacktime

Our ‘special needs adoption’ fundraising giveaway continues! Click here to donate to Thadius and be entered to win up to $500 as an Amazon gift card or for the Reece’s Rainbow child of your choice! When you put 3,000 miles on … Continue reading

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Best toy of the summer

A $5.88 generic slip-n-slide. …or is it the winter turbo sled my mom got on clearance from the Goodwill? You decide.

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The Rise and Fall of St. Louis

Yesterday we attempted to visit the number one zoo in the country in St. Louis. So did everyone else in Missouri. When the odometer clicked from 52,896.3 to 52,898.2 and we still were looking for parking, we called it a … Continue reading

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Travel Games for Preschoolers

…and some other things I do to keep the kids from going crazy on long car drives. Well, Memorial Day weekend is upon us, as well as a season of travel. Mostly by car. With kids. A lot of them. … Continue reading

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