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Worshiping at the altar of the Car Seat

My friends, it comes as no surprise that I would eventually write a post that would make you cringe.  Because I know how many of you are excellent mothers, concerned with your children’s safety and well-being.  And yet, I probably … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Roll Bake Sale

As I have mentioned before, we are so blessed to have a supportive church community behind us on our adoption journey.  For the past two weeks, I have been manning a table at church (with the help of one of … Continue reading

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The Perfect Day

I always seem to know when I’m having a bad day.  Because it deviates from my perfect day.  So what is my perfect day?  I honestly don’t know.  I’ve never written it down before, but I do know that other … Continue reading

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Hoovered It

It’s pretty rare that I write a blog post about stuff I love.  So, when I do, it means I have used this for a while, and REALLY love it. I don’t want to let the chance pass me by … Continue reading

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Making the Coconut Tree

I have benefited endlessly from other bloggers’ how-tos with detailed picture outlines.  I have to admit, I know it’s a monkey-load more work than I originally thought.  But, it’s worth it, to share with you a fun, straightforward way to … Continue reading

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A told B and B told C

The first time I heard the sing-songy alphabet rhyme, I was in third grade, during library time.  Our librarian had the voice of Julia Child, and I remember wishing the story would go on and on.  I don’t remember her … Continue reading

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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Forget onesies, blankets, boppies, and moby wraps. What motherhood requires is an excellent plunger. ***** The giveaway continues!  If you are in the market for anything else Amazon offers, please use our link on the sidebar menu (under this post … Continue reading

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Travel Games for Preschoolers

…and some other things I do to keep the kids from going crazy on long car drives. Well, Memorial Day weekend is upon us, as well as a season of travel. Mostly by car. With kids. A lot of them. … Continue reading

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Messy Woman’s Guide to a Clean House

Enjoying my new header? Finding parts hard to read? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below, as it’s a work in progress. It’s no secret that I hate cleaning. Every part, from the tidying to the scrubbing, … Continue reading

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Give Her the World

Please join me in welcoming my very first guest blogger today.  Jen is an incredible mother to one-year-old K and two precious angel babies.  This is the story of her mother’s faith and decision to trust that God doesn’t make … Continue reading

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