Adoption Fundraising and Giveaways

Thank you for supporting us financially throughout our adoption of Daisy (Libby on RR).

To help other families see what we did, we are keeping this page up.  Any ongoing fundraisers will be earning money for the five children listed on Reece’s Rainbow who we met while we were in country.  Their nannies and we desperately want them to all find families!  Click any photo to learn more or email me at biglittledays *at* gmail dot com






Gwendolyn for the Goocher Family, Her family found her and we would love to support them!

When we were fundraising, we were trying not to exhaust our online community, so we were working towards the goal of fundraising 1/3 online, 1/3 in our community, and 1/3 through our faith community.  We ended up with much more money coming in from online fundraising than community and church fundraisers, though we did receive a lot of support from them, too!  Thank you to everyone who helped us bring our daughter home!

Please contact us if you have an idea or would like to ask about a specific way you can help bring Libby home!

 Here’s the Gingerbread giveaway we did: Gingerbread Giveaway!
Here’s the story of our recent Church fundraiser: Cinnamon Roll Bake Sale
Here’s the story of our first online giveaway: $1000 Giveaway
We also held an online auction and ran a brief Ergo Baby Carrier Giveaway.

Please consider supporting our advocacy kids above just by shopping at some of our affiliate organizations:

Do all of your Amazon shopping by clicking here first, and we receive 6% of the proceeds! Big Little Days Amazon Affiliate Link

Don’t skip your coffee to show you care! Buy from roasters who give their proceeds to us. Great coffee, great cause.

We are big fans and homeschool users of The Russian Accelerator Program. When you purchase the program using our affiliate link by clicking the image below, we earn 25% of all sales!

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We are so proud to say that Daisy (Libby) is an orphan no more!  We can’t wait for the day when we will work again to bring Mac home, too!

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